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Samsung UE32F5300AKXXU 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Slim LED TV (100Hz CMR, SMART, Dual-Core, Wi-Fi (Dongle required)) Review

Very good TV.
Simple dice installation, very light, the edges are not too thick, minimal footprint.
When started I set the colors natural way is better, the picture is less gloomy.
Connectivity in large numbers, I would have appreciated against having a hdmi more.
Compact and easy to use remote control.
The sound is good even if it has no amp.

I would recommend this Samsung UE32F5300AKXXU


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Sony NEX5RY Interchangeable Lens Camera

Sony NEX5RY Interchangeable Lens Camera – Black (16-50 and 55-210mm Kit, Wi-Fi, 16.1MP) 3 inch LCD Review

+High quality camera
– Compact body (110.8 mm x 58.8 mm x 38.9 mm) and bulky lens (60mm long, 62mm diameter, 194g heavy)
o little intuitive operation that draws hardly benefit from the touch screen, otherwise is good in the hand
o reasonable standard, but still creates to little benefit: WLAN (but: DLNA works unreliable control via app of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 works now, no email sending images possible), touch screen, the operation is little relieved , apps are possible, but most charge and hardly available
+ Very good image quality, fast autofocus, low scrap rate – the big selling point of the Sony NEX5RY

The camera would highly recommend.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ30E-K Bridge Camera – Black (16.1MP, 35x Optical Zoom, 25mm Wide Angle, Panaroma Shot, HD Video) 3 inch LCD Review

Professional performance from a machine that is not professional.

The camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ30E-K is perfect for shooting in nature. Even if items are zoomed in close, they still remain sharp.
Using the flash in a room works great. Images look perfectly smooth yet razor sharp out. Requires item does not move.
When “a continuous shooting” allows to make quick pictures in succession, which is great especially suitable when photographing animals in motion.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ30E-K is recommended for those who want more than a compact but not complications of using a digital SLR.


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Bosch PSR 10.8 LI-2 Cordless 10.8 Volt Drill/Driver, 1 x Li-Ion Battery Review

I have these small screwdriver and use it every day at work (kitchen installer) and was about to leave a few words.

The many + for the Bosch PSR 10.8 LI-2:

+ very lightweight device
+ Despite the relatively low 10.8 V he has lots of power in the low level (22NM) and society in the high level with good speeds much force.
+ Very well made with rubber grip easily convertible speed button and slightly thrilling chuck
+ The speed can be varied by choosing
+ engine brake also works very reliably
+ The battery indicator does not show and already at 50% battery empty at
+ Batteries are fully charged very quickly. between 30-45 minutes

the few –

-The screwdriver is very top-heavy due to the small and lightweight batteries. But interferes due to the generally low weight barely
-The LED light is only partially useful. find it a pity that you can not turn it separately.

Conclusion. very good handy Bosch PSR 10.8 LI-2 is not giving up, even in continuous duty and ideal for DIY. To invest the money is worth it. Just buy it!


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Sony BDP-S5100

Sony BDP-S5100 Review

Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray player includes remote control and batteries.


– Easy to install, just a few steps you will be guided through the installation.
– Wireless Internet is quickly recognized as a wireless connection
– There is a choice whether charging should take place quickly or slowly. Slow one chooses, the player saves power.
– There are many extra playing television portals.
– The unit is very quiet and makes hardly any noise when playing. Until now, we have played the Blurays on the Playstation 3, this rumbling very loud.
– There is the possibility to play music.
– The batteries for the remote control.


– An HDMI cable is not included and must be provided.
We are very satisfied with the Sony BDP-S5100


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Samsung BD-F5500 3D Network Blu-ray and DVD Player Review

As the owner of a Samsung TVs (UE46 ES7090) I wanted to take the Anynet function to complete. The Smart Hub feature is already included in the TV, so this takes the player not being able to.
The network connection via the LAN cable I used only the first start for the system update. The Internet functions including running completely through the TV. Thus, I needed no player with Wi-Fi.

The start of Samsung BD-F5500 was absolutely without problem. The settings as well as the three devices (TV, player and sound bar HW-E450) each with an HDMI cable (not included!) Are connected.
In conjunction with the other Samsung devices, only one remote control is needed. Even that goes off with the TV remote control.

The reading of the discs can be heard clearly, this is playing very quietly. Depending on the reason, I recommend a “soft” surface. Because after about 4 hours of continuous operation “buzzed” the player. But that was only because he was standing on the receiver and by the turn of this wheel vibrated. I now have 4 felt pads (actually for chair/table legs) underneath and the player is not heard.

The picture looks in conjunction with the television in both 2D (eg, Fast Five, Inception, Snow White) and in 3D (The Avengers, Avatar) operation of class. It looks sharp, runs without any lag. The up-scaling of DVDs (eg Series 24) happens in very good quality, because awaken movies to life. So far I have nothing negative is noticed.

Overall, I am absolutely satisfied by the use of short time (4 days “continuous operation”) with the Samsung BD-F5500.

+ Compatibility with Samsung TV (Anynet)
+ Cheap price
+ Silent
+ Short loading times
+ Easy to use
+ High compatibility with different film formats
+ Smart design
+ Low power consumption

– HDMI cable is not there (but most of the other players may not)

Conclusion: Anyone looking for a 3D player that have no Smart Hub and must not be constantly connected to the Internet, get with the Samsung BD-F5500 a current (released March 2013) Player of the upper middle class. In connection with other devices Samsung (Anynet) a clear recommendation!


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Philips Lcd 42Pfl4007H Led. Fhd.200Hz Edge Led. Smart Tv. Wi-Fi Ready. 4Xhdmi. 3Xusb. Dvb-T Review

Philips Lcd 42Pfl4007H is the first flat screen tv that I own so I can not make comparisons, but I am very happy with purchase, arrived on time, I also got the wifi adapter, connects quickly, acceptable to the speed of the smart tv (not a splinter , but no TV is). interacts well with other devices with DLNA, so long as you used the wifi and not through the ethernet cable (I’ve tried to connect via cable to the router and then try to play a video from your phone to the TV, but did not go to successful attempt, while doing the same with wifi i had no problems). I would recommend it: with just over £500 you have a great TV with all the latest features, good colors (which can be set at will anyway). does not have the 3D, and it’s the reason why I chose this tv, since I do not like to watch TV at home with the glasses (and consequent headache after a while ‘). I can recommend Philips Lcd 42Pfl4007H


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LG 50PN650T 50-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Plasma TV with Freeview HD/600Hz Review

I had a TV that even a small, old CRT TV.
Now I finally wanted to buy a nice TV times, and was on frills like 3D SmartTV without etc..

Now there was the TV at Real for on offer, and I had accessed immediately.
The transport was not a problem, and the unpacking and assembly went for two quick and easy!

The remote control:

The remote control is very smart by design, and has beautiful buttons!

I joined with my Xbox 360, just a great experience! Super sharpness of movement.

Look at photos via USB stick works well, and with FULL-HD also makes it fun!

Movies are also very nice to see on LG 50PN650T!

The menu of the TV is very nice put up!


– A very smart design (slender), and also a nice stand
– Wonderful picture, beautiful and rich & vibrant colors
– Size
– Super sharp HD image
– Menu
– Easy to use


– The TV really reflects a bit, but when you look evening or in the dark, it is simply TOP Otherwise it is!
a little disturbing!

CONCLUSION: Anyone looking for a large TV with nice picture and nice sound for a small price, LG 50PN650T is definitely very well served!


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LG BH9530TW 9.1Ch 3D Sound Blu-ray Home Cinema System 1460W Aramid Fibre & Rear Wireless speakers Review

Order / Packing
The order went as usual Amazon flawlessly, smoothly and without any problems.
Was packed the device not separately (as well as in size. However, it was already with a very well packaged (each part separately in styrofoam). Positive note is that I have I’ve been called an hour before delivery to announce the delivery. was a bit silly, since the time window 12-17 clock was and I had to be home, but it was worth it.

The structure of LG BH9530TW  was surprisingly easy. But with a bit of clever and good idea was to build even without the manual.

remote control
The remote is well laid out and intuitive. The key descriptions are easy to read and have a good pressure point.

Audio / Video
The sound of the system is tip. Beautiful clear highs / lows. Rich bass.
The Blu-Ray player does what it should and reliable. It plays any kind of CD. Whether music, DVD or Blue Ray. By the 3D effect only while you are in the middle instead. Through different sound modes each consignment movie or music can be customized.

I can only recommend the LG BH9530TW.
Is just a shame that we live in rented accommodation and can not turn up the volume.


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Bosch PFS 105 E 350 Watt Fine-Spray System Review

The Bosch PFS 105 E Spray Guns I can highly recommend.

I was a bit skeptical about the handling of the device and the processing of the paint (in this case acrylic paint) concerns.

But the handling of the device is simple and also has a certain fun factor.

The adjustment of the spraying result is very light and has been understood within seconds.

The spray result is really great and evenly. A small comparison area was painted with a roller. The clear favorite is the spray gun (paint processing and time factor can not be beat).

Highly Recommended Bosch PFS 105 E, even if so far only acrylic paint was processed.

Cleaning time is max. 10-15 minutes.


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