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Beurer EM 30 Electronic Stimulation Unit

Beurer EM 30 Electronic Stimulation Unit – Silver/Red/Black Review

The belt keeps its promises. Also the price. For money Beurer EM 30  is excellent. Here the advantages at a glance.

-It is enough to moisturize the skin with water instead of expensive gel.
-Is very good on the skin.
-Can unobtrusively eg at work or to be used while shopping.
-Can also be worn while jogging which greatly enhances the effect.
-Easy operation.

Note that people with strong hair and a thicker midsection is set to a much stronger level in order to feel something.
Secondly, it occurred to me that is excited by the positive stimulation of the abdominal muscles, including the digestive tract below.
Whether the artificially generated electrical impulses are harmful to life, I can not sagen. Beurer EM 30 must buy product!!


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