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BH9530TW 9.1Ch 3D Sound Blu-ray Home Cinema System

LG BH9530TW 9.1Ch 3D Sound Blu-ray Home Cinema System 1460W Aramid Fibre & Rear Wireless speakers Review

Order / Packing
The order went as usual Amazon flawlessly, smoothly and without any problems.
Was packed the device not separately (as well as in size. However, it was already with a very well packaged (each part separately in styrofoam). Positive note is that I have I’ve been called an hour before delivery to announce the delivery. was a bit silly, since the time window 12-17 clock was and I had to be home, but it was worth it.

The structure of LG BH9530TW  was surprisingly easy. But with a bit of clever and good idea was to build even without the manual.

remote control
The remote is well laid out and intuitive. The key descriptions are easy to read and have a good pressure point.

Audio / Video
The sound of the system is tip. Beautiful clear highs / lows. Rich bass.
The Blu-Ray player does what it should and reliable. It plays any kind of CD. Whether music, DVD or Blue Ray. By the 3D effect only while you are in the middle instead. Through different sound modes each consignment movie or music can be customized.

I can only recommend the LG BH9530TW.
Is just a shame that we live in rented accommodation and can not turn up the volume.


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BH9530TW 9.1Ch 3D Sound Blu-ray Home Cinema System 4.00/5 (80.00%) 2 votes
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